What to write to a girl when meeting on the Internet

What to write to a girl when meeting on the Internet

In modern society, the situation is such that communication between people has moved to the virtual sphere. Today people get to know each other, communicate, have fun and fall in love very often on the Internet. This form of communication no longer surprises anyone and is considered quite acceptable and normal.

On the one hand, it is quite simple to communicate on the Internet. It is much easier to start communicating with the person you like in a virtual chat. It is not necessary to seriously prepare for such communication. In the process of such communication, refusal is perceived not so painfully.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to interest a girl you like during online communication than during ordinary communication. In this case, you need to make some effort and demonstrate all your talents in order to keep the girl’s attention.

The role of the first message

A large number of guys use the services of the Internet to meet and have a relationship with a girl. To do this, most often they use dating sites, social networks and various chats.

If you like a girl whose profile you have met on the Internet, the first message written to her on the Internet is very important. All subsequent communication depends on its content, style and focus. The most important thing is that this message does not become the only one in this communication.

The main task of the first message to a girl is to interest her and draw her attention to you. For this, just a few phrases or sentences may be enough.

The main recommendations for writing the first message to a girl you like on the Internet can be considered as follows:

· The first message should be short but informative. It should not contain too many sentences;

· The content of the first message should give the girl answers to three basic questions that most often she may have.

The three main questions that most often arise for girls who receive messages from guys in a chat or other network service are:

· Who you are and how did you find this girl on the Internet. Giving an answer to this question, it is worth considering the name by which to be called. It is also worth coming up with an original answer to the question of how you found this person. Perhaps you have mutual friends or acquaintances;

What goal do you set for yourself by writing a message to her? The most neutral answer about the reasons that prompted you to write a message may be the desire to communicate. You should not immediately declare any of your serious intentions;

· Why you chose her. Answering this question requires using your arsenal of originality and wit.

In the first message, you have to give answers to these questions. In order for the first messages to be successful, you need to study the profile of your chosen one well and try to understand her interests and preferences.

This will help you find common interests in the future and use them for communication. If you succeed, then your chances of subsequent successful communication become quite high.