What questions to ask a gay on a dating site?

What questions to ask a gay on a dating site?

You decide to get acquainted with gay, but you do not know where to start communication and what questions to ask him, read our tips. They will help you win over any interlocutor and interest him in you

Start with the commonplace

Gays are exactly the same people as the rest. The difference is only in their orientation. But it does not in any way affect a person’s qualities and does not make him better or worse. Therefore, you have to communicate with a gay simply and at ease, as with other interlocutors.

The questions “How are you?” and “What are you keen on?” will be quite appropriate. That is how any acquaintance begins. And gays are no exception.

Do not talk about orientation

It is a very important tip, because not all gays are willing to talk about their sexual preferences. Someone is too shy, and someone sees an outlet in dating sites, because they cannot admit that they are gays.

Therefore, if a gay is in no hurry to touch on this exciting topic, then you should not do this. Communicate as you are used to and do not embarrass your interlocutor with indecent questions.

Let him know he can trust you

Even if you are smart, handsome and independent of public opinion gay, other gays may not be so confident in themselves, so they will be anxious that someone might offend them. If your interlocutor is sociable and serene and happily supports any conversation, then answer him the same. And if he is a little constrained, then help him open up: gently hint that a lot of people think that orientation does not affect a person and his qualities. Let him know that you enjoy talking with him, and you consider him a great interlocutor.

Do not be banal and boring

You should not be tedious and ask typical questions that have long been sore on everyone. Improvise and your interlocutor will surely appreciate it.

Here are sample questions that will help you understand in which direction to move so that the person you are talking to does not lose interest in you:

· What did you want to become in childhood?

· Do you like what you are doing now? What would you change if you had such an opportunity?

· Do you think that love can save the world?

· Did you keep any exotic pet?

· What do you like to do when you have free time?

Such questions will help to better know the interlocutor. If he supports the conversation, congratulations, he is interested in you. If not, then it is worth changing tactics. Or choose another, more interesting interlocutor.

Not only speak but listen

Do not turn communication into your benefit. It is an elementary rule of etiquette that will make it possible to attract any person to you, unless, of course, he is too proud and does not prefer to speak, rather than listen.

Be polite and considerate, and your communication with a gay will certainly be pleasant.

Where to communicate with gay

Omegle and Chatroulette are the best place to meet and communicate with gays. In these services, they are attracted to the anonymity and lack of profiles that are required. A significant advantage of chat-roulettes is video communication. It is a unique opportunity that allows you to see your interlocutor and not waste time on correspondence.

In addition, you can communicate with a gay man from any country: chat-roulettes are in great demand in all countries of the world, so thousands of users come to them every day, among which there are a lot of people of non-traditional orientation.

Enter the chat-roulette now and see!