What questions should be asked at a first date?

What questions should be asked at a first date?

Acquaintance in the Internet is a delicate process. On the one hand, you and your interlocutor are in a comfortable position, on the other hand, you are communicating with each other for the first time. Therefore, there is still some discomfort.

Come up with the subject in advance!

Top 5 questions

Consider the most popular topics for a conversation in the Internet.


Almost everyone has something that helps him relax after a hard day’s work or after studying. Some play games on a PC, others read, knit, someone makes cakes.

The topic should inspire your interlocutor. This should bring you closer to him/her.

Dreams and plans

Such questions will help you to determine the scale of a person. If the person has no goals and dreams, it means that he is quite down to earth and lives only today. He/she is not interested in not only what is happening around him/her, but also his/her own life.

When an interlocutor talks about his priorities, that means he has a desire to become better. It will always be interesting to communicate with such a friend.

Your favorite place and type of vacation

Periods of activity are necessary for us to get food, laziness is the ability to save energy for the next breakthrough. That is why the idea of ​​lying on the sofa or on the beach is so popular.

Make your new friend think a little about his upcoming vacation. Discuss the countries you have not been to, but would like to visit, entertainment and recreation that you have not tried.

Features of the country/city of residence

You can find people from all over the world in the Internet. If you want to know more about an unknown country, find a person who lives there.

If you think you know the local area well, search the Internet for a guy or girl from the country. Perhaps they will tell you a lot of interesting things.

The place of study/work

This topic is standard. Questions about work and study are the first thing that comes to mind. Answers to them help to identify the one who you are holding a dialogue with.

But what if you come across unusual professions? For example, a chimney sweep or a musician playing the harp. We believe you will be curious to ask how their working days go.

Popular online chat rooms

There are two interesting options. The first is Chatroulette. Immediately after its creation, it became extremely popular. A Moscow schoolboy Andrei Ternovsky, is its developer. Its interface is simple. The user sees in front of him/her only an area for a video and for a text dialogue.

The second decent online communication option is Omegle. Every day, tens of thousands of people visit it. Among the advantages are the presence of a non-moderated area for communication and the possibility of choosing a country.


Acquaintance in the Internet is not such an easy process as it seems at first glance. Communication with a new person is a certain stress. A little preparation will help to relax. For example, you can ask the interlocutor about his hobby, favorite type of vacation, place of work, plans and dreams.