What questions do not need to be asked in correspondence?

What questions do not need to be asked in correspondence?

Communication in the Internet is a way of communication that has a lot of nuances. Interlocutors do not see emotions on the face of their opponent. All that is available to them is text information. If you want to communicate with the person, try to avoid embarrassing subjects.

Unwanted questions

We decided to highlight several thematic blocks.


The topic itself is classified as taboo. Any mention of the end of human existence makes anyone upset. Moreover, a similar attitude is observed in most national cultures and religious traditions.

Physical features and disadvantages

Humor can be different, including ‘black’. It is usually used in a conversation of close friends. In this case, both people should be prepared for jokes about their shortcomings, features. In the process of online correspondence, it is difficult to recognize irony and sarcasm, so it is better not to use them at all.

Intimate issues

Topics related to personal life, sexual preferences are not discussed even with close friends. Therefore, be careful when you ask a new person about his/her favorite poses. Leave this topic for private conversations in separate chat areas.

Popular chats in the Internet

Today, there are a lot of sites for online communication. Some of these are Omegle and Chatroulette. The first appeared a little earlier, in 2008. Its daily attendance amounts to tens of thousands of people. Despite the more elaborate design (compared to Chatroulette), Omegle has not become the most popular platform for communication between people from all over the world. The platform has the functionality to select the region of the interlocutor. The user can independently set the desired country before starting the dialogue. There are also private areas that are not moderated.

Chatroulette appeared a year later. The site was developed by an ordinary Russian student. Thanks to the small investments of parents and real luck, the resource began to show good statistics just a year after the appearance. Every day, millions of people visit the site. Chatroulette probably attracts with its simplicity – a standard white background, a clear separation of the screen into 3 modules – two for video calls and one for a text chat.


There are a lot of nuances in correspondence in the Internet. One of these is undesirable topics. We have identified the main ones. These are intimate issues, a discussion of physical defects, features, and a discussion of the topic of death. It is better to forget about these topics for the first time until you reach full understanding with your interlocutor. Otherwise, you may be misunderstood.