What photos should be shown to a guy at a meeting

What photos should be shown to a guy at a meeting

Acquaintances in the chat-roulette are popular today. Even in a couple of minutes, you can leave a pleasant impression about yourself, make a guy think for a long time about a quick acquaintance and, perhaps, make him want to continue communication in reality.

Of course, a large role is played by photographs, which can be sent to the chosen one. And in order not to spoil the impression of yourself, you should choose the photo carefully.

We will give you 5 tips for choosing the best photos:

1. First of all, we advise you not to arrange your own photo exhibition for half an hour, but to prepare in advance up to 10 of your most successful photographs. Believe me, it will be enough to interest and attract him, or let the guy understand whether you are suitable for him or not.

2. Secondly, it is advisable not to use ancient photosets. Do not make the guy immediately see how unearthly you were.

3. Today, there are many specialists who can arrange quite good photo shoots. This has long been the destiny of not only the stars of glossy magazines, but also ordinary people too. The specialist knows the measure in Photoshop. What is more, use sometimes professional makeup.

4. Some learn the art of photography all their lives, but the fact remains: not everyone has good photos. On the contrary, almost every person has bad sides, even Hollywood stars. And they know how to present themselves. They always have a couple of poses and looks that distract attention from shortcomings. So go for it, find your most successful perspectives and use them.

5. It is also important to choose the background. It should not be the sights, carpets, dirt and other trifles. A stranger will catch attention with any distracting moment. Therefore, use some unobtrusive landscapes (forest, river, mountains). Most likely, the beauty of nature will only emphasize your personal beauty. Yes, you can still show a photo where you do your favorite thing. This can be roller-skating, ice-skating, biking, camping, theater, cinema, etc. Believe me, your hobby can give an impetus to the development of relationships.

There are only five express tips, and if you follow them, then you will already select really high-quality photos for quick acquaintance. It remains only to choose the best one for the avatar (here try to ensure that the main photo of your profile does not have parts of the face and other unfortunate moments). Now you are fully equipped.