Top 5 questions for dating in a chat

Top 5 questions for dating in a chat

It seems that only a meeting in real life is difficult. Come to a stranger, start a conversation and make him remember you. Perhaps this is the true point of view of our time, where live communication is replaced by online communication. But in fact, even in online chat it is difficult to go further than ‘Hi, how are you?’

Top 5 questions for successful dating


  1. ‘How are you?’. No matter how it may sound, no one has repealed the rules of etiquette. After the greeting, it is worth wondering how the interlocutor feels, what is on his agenda. Although everybody uses this question, it will show you as a caring stranger. The main thing is not just to ask, but also to listen, so that the question does not become an ordinary phrase.
  2. “May I have your name?” Since chat-roulettes are anonymous services, you can gently ask about the name and location of the interlocutor, or simply ASL (age, sex, location). Such a short preview does not harm the meeting, only tells in which direction to move in the conversation.
  3. “Why are you here?”. After all, some people come there to just have fun, and someone is looking for a soulmate. Therefore, you can immediately see strangers whose goals do not coincide with yours.
  4. “What films do you like?”. It is another banal, but extremely fascinating topic. With a simple question about someone’s favorite movies, you can start discussing actors, directors, favorite TV shows and the latest cinema releases. Then you can also smoothly go over the topic of music, which is also interesting to discuss and share your preferences. It is quite possible that you and your interlocutor already have tickets for the same event.
  5. Talk about food. Everything is simple here! Everyone loves to eat, and given the many modern trends, you can talk about it endlessly. For example, you can talk about:

– the most delicious dishes in the life of the interlocutor;

– the most exotic dishes;

– the cuisines of the peoples of the world and the preferences of the stranger;

– favorite drinks and so on.

It is not difficult to find a topic for conversation and it is better to start with something simple. If a person prefers to avoid some topics, then you should understand it.

Topics about anything that allow you to get to know your interlocutor are the best.