How to recognize reciprocity

How to recognize reciprocity

Mutual feelings are always wonderful. It is with them that true love begins, which leads to marriage and the creation of a full-fledged family. How to recognize that a girl or a man treats you with obvious sympathy and would like to get to know you better? Let’s talk about the signs of attention that speak of reciprocity.

Taking initiative

This rule applies not only to men, but also to women. The girl you like will try to be the first to write you cute messages or invite you to talk on the phone. Appreciate this step and do not neglect such attention – it will help you become even closer.


If a person compliments your unusual eye color or intelligence, it means that he is clearly interested in you. In this way, the interlocutor is trying to interest you, to attract attention to himself. It is important that such pleasant words should have a touch of personality. If the interlocutor says that you have beautiful eyes, and you do not notice anything unusual in them, it is quite possible that a man says such compliments to every girl.

Date invitation

This is the clearest sign that you have succeeded in capturing a person’s interest on the Internet. If you want to reciprocate, try to prepare for this romantic encounter so that you do not get frustrated during it. Think over the outfit, the places that you would like to visit, suggest options to your interlocutor. Do not be late for a meeting, because being late will demonstrate your disrespectful attitude towards the person.

Trying to look better

A person who tries to please partner will strive to improve his appearance in every possible way. If a girl asks if you have noticed that she has lost weight or changed her hairstyle, most likely she is in love with you and wants you to like it. The same applies to a man who, before meeting you, dressed only in tracksuits and worn-out jeans, and during romantic dates wears stylish sweaters and shirts, uses high-quality perfume.

Signs of attention

Bouquets of flowers and favorite sweets, going to the cinema or a ticket to your favorite show, cute and pleasant surprises in the form of warm socks in cold winter or coffee for breakfast – all this indicates the presence of sympathy or more serious feelings. At the same time, gifts and surprises do not have to be expensive. Sometimes a small chocolate bar or purchased fruit is enough to demonstrate your attitude.

Intuition is a powerful feeling that will help you recognize reciprocity. If you feel that a person really loves and appreciates you, he will be trying to please you. On the contrary, if you suspect that you are just a pleasant pastime for a person or an attempt to escape loneliness, in most cases your intuition does not deceive you.

Thus, the mutual feeling is immediately visible. If you notice that a person is not indifferent to you, we can only wish you good luck: go on real dates, get to know each other and make plans for a joint future.