Choosing an avatar for FaceFlow

Choosing an avatar for FaceFlow

Many people have profiles not only in social networks, but also in video chats. One of the stages of registration is an avatar. An avatar is not an ordinary picture, but a business card. It is by it that other users evaluate you and make a choice: is it worth communicating with you or is it better to choose someone else. How to choose the right avatar for FaceFlow? Let’s look at this issue.

What avatar is definitely not suitable

If you decide to set an image in your profile, then you need to study this issue in detail, especially when it comes to video chat. FaceFlow is used to find a soulmate or make a best friend. There is a huge number of users who are ready to communicate and share their interests.

With the help of the search, people can look for a specific user, so they will first of all pay attention to the avatar. Let’s take a look at which images should not be displayed in the profile:

· Pictures with animals: they are suitable for small children, but not for a girl or a guy who wants to find an interlocutor;

· Images that do not have a head or other part of the face: such a picture will cause negative emotions;

· Full-length photographs: it is very difficult to clearly see facial features and other features that others pay attention to.

It is also not recommended to display photographs with dark glasses, behind which a person cannot see your eyes. Taking photos with friends, family, or animals is not always good. If you want to post such an image, then it should not be the only one. Nobody wants to guess where you are: right or left.

What is more, do not take photos with unnecessary foreign objects. For example, an image with cigarettes and alcohol can alienate a girl, as It indicates the presence of addictions and bad habits. In addition, images with expensive cars, telephones, houses, at well-known resorts can attract unwanted people who want only money.

Successful avatars

After all the unsuccessful options have been sorted out, you can decide on the successful ones.

Photos with a beautiful smile will be successful. It should look natural; you can use lipstick or lip gloss. It is imperative to take care of the background: it should not be a mess in the room, some kind of bar or club, place of work or an expensive resort. Better to choose a photo in nature, in the park.

You can also use a beautiful and, most importantly, natural filter. There are many free retouching apps out there now that create neat photos very quickly. It can be used to remove skin imperfections, brighten hair colour, apply makeup and change clothes. The result is a cool avatar.

It is important to understand that a person will want to see you in person or with the help of a video, so you should not go too far with retouching. But at the same time, you should trust the photo of your interlocutor, as it can be fake.